In addition to the wonderful flavor, plum possesses many curative and healing properties. Plum is very useful for the organism thanks to its rich composition. Plum rich in vitamins, minerals and substances necessary for the life of the organism. A plum is particularly rich in vitamin P and substance P and vitamin action, which contribute to lower blood pressure and strengthen blood vessels. Prichemvitamin P well maintained even during processing. Plums contain the potassium salt: their drains to 214 mg per 100 g of fruit. Potassium has important physiological significance, namely, he takes part in the transmission of nerve impulses, muscle contraction, in the maintenance of heart activity and acid-base balance in the body. Under the influence of potassium reinforced bile secretion and excretion of urine. The therapeutic diet plums, prunes, and especially, are quite widely used in some diseases of the intestine accompanied by constipation, gout, liver problems, kidney and heart, to increase appetite and the secretion of gastric juice. In the leaves, and in the fruit of plum found coumarin having the ability to prevent the formation of clots in blood vessels, healing of thrombosis as well as to expand the coronary vessels. Plum easily digested. Fruits of plum contribute to the formation of blood, relaxes the lower digestive tract and cleans the stomach. Plums are very effective in the treatment of diseases caused by excess of bile or too high internal heat. Plums strengthen the liver and purify the blood, expelling toxins from the body. Plums are eaten both fresh and dried. Dried plums are a means of heat. The sour taste of plums indicates that they are not yet ripe – these plums are not very useful. Let them soak for several days, wait until they are ripe.


Recipes with plum

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