Hazelnuts (filberts, hazelnuts) – name of a plant from the family of birch and nuts. Most scientists believe that the hazelnut is the birthplace of the region of the eastern coast of the Black Sea. Cultivation of this plant took place in ancient times, as eloquently frequent mention of hazelnuts in numerous works of ancient Greek and Roman authors. Currently, the production of the hazelnut spread in many countries of the world, but the most developed of its production in Turkey, USA, Italy, Spain, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Minor Asia and some European countries. kernels represent a high-grade food, are eaten both fresh and fried, or used to prepare a variety of vegetable and meat dishes. In cooking Hazelnut is widely used in the manufacture of confectionery: cakes, cookies, desserts, baking, it is added to chocolate and sweets, and even make a surrogate coffee . The resulting hazelnut oil was used not only in cooking, but also for medical purposes and in the production of cosmetics. Oil cake remaining after extraction of oil, used for cooking halva or as fodder for domestic animals.


Recipes with hazelnut

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