Apple — fruit of the apple, which is eaten fresh, is the raw material for cooking and making beverages. It is believed that the birthplace of the apple is Central Asia. The most widespread apple tree home. Today there are many varieties of this type of apple trees growing in different climatic conditions. The nutritional value The English have a saying « one apple a day keeps the doctor away » (An apple a day keeps the doctor away). According to some studies, apple consumption can reduce the risk of bowel cancer, prostate and lung. Compared with other fruits and vegetables, apples contain not much vitamin C, but rich in other antioxidants. Cellulose apple, although it is less than in most other fruits, stimulates intestinal motility, which may reduce the risk of cancer. Fiber may also be useful for the prevention of heart disease, weight loss and lower cholesterol. The seeds of apples contain a poisonous glycoside amygdalin.


Recipes with apple

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