orange peel

Orange peel

orange peel – thin crust is cut off, which can be removed without a white layer. It is used as a spice, adding baked goods, beverages and much more. Zest the orange itself a little rough. It is used usually in the form tёrtom. Taste – Honey-sweet but slightly bitter. Sometimes, for culinary purposes dried orange peel. It is used as a natural peel to flavor, substitute the mayonnaise, salt, sauce. Also often it poured into salads for the smell. In the peel of an orange contains the base used for the production of essential oils. There is sodium, fat, vitamin C, potassium. Orange peel used against edema, it can lead to normal fluid and electrolyte balance. Tincture, which includes orange peel is useful for women to facilitate the flow of menstruation. Peel is better not to throw away – it is here that there are substances that fight bad cholesterol.


Recipes with orange peel

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