Yeast – One of the beneficial microorganisms, known to mankind since ancient times. It is assumed that the first to use the properties of yeast learned Egyptians. Beer in Egypt began to brew 6,000 years BC, bake yeast bread – by 1200 BC. Baking and beer yeast – valuable dietary product. Yeast contain a lot of protein, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, dietary minerals, vitamins B1, B2, PP, folic acid and paraminobenzoynuyu. Yeast – is an excellent source of protein and an excellent source of naturalnyhvitaminov group B, one from the richest organic sources of iron, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Can reduce cholesterol levels (with lecithin), to prevent and alleviate gout pain during neuritis. There are various sources of yeast. For example, a brewer's yeast (obtainable from hop, beer production as a by product). Whey, a by-product of milk processing and cheese (the most palatable and most powerful form of yeast). Liquid yeast is from Switzerland and Germany, grown herbs, honey malt beverages and orange or grapefruit. heat treatment and reduce the vitamin content of the killed in the nutritional yeast living cells does not occur. Baker's yeast production based on breeding them in liquid media. The molasses was diluted with water, treated with bleach, sulfuric acid acidified. & Nbsp;


Recipes with yeast

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