seafood cocktail in oil

Seafood cocktail in oil

To use boiled seafood cocktail: pieces of squid, mussels, octopus or small whole pieces of larger individuals, all flavored with spices. Cocktail poured oil and as such sale. The special value of this cocktail in the presence of several types of seafood under one cover. component processing method allows you to keep the original product components without destroying them. Vitamins: B9, B2, B6, B1. Among the important microelements presence of nickel, cobalt, in conjunction with iodine, phosphorus and others. Drinking cocktail provides rehabilitative influence of the internal organs, especially in the digestive system. Components of the cocktail speed up the cleansing of the body, promote the natural conclusion of radionuclides. It is necessary to mention the positive effect that the components have a cocktail on all the muscle tissue. In most cases the product is used as a self-cold appetizer, but allowed its use for the preparation of various salads. cocktail components supplemented with vegetables, fresh is better, but allowed and canned. Cocktail suits all kinds of side dishes, combined with pasta or risotto. Cocktails can be included in the dressing hot.


Recipes with seafood cocktail in oil

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