Coffee — drink prepared from roasted beans of the coffee tree. Due to the content of caffeine has a stimulating effect. According to the most popular legend, toning properties of coffee were discovered Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi, noticed that his goats after eating the afternoon dense leaves and dark red fruit of the coffee tree, begin to behave excitedly at night without any apparent reason. He told about this strange case, the abbot of the monastery, and he decided to try to imagine the action of unusual grains. The abbot was struck by the power and influence of drink, in order to support the vitality of the monks, to fall asleep during night prayers, commanded them to drink the broth. Subsequently, the monks learned to roast and grind the beans. The resulting drink relieves fatigue, gave fresh strength. Coffee can raise blood pressure, so it is not recommended for hypertension. In coffee the caffeine content is up to 1500 mg / l. Purine alkaloids (caffeine, theobromine and theophylline) in the systematic use of them at the level of 1000 mg per day cause a person a constant need for them, reminiscent of alcohol dependence. Coffee in the amount of more than six cups a day is extremely harmful for the body. Despite the huge variety of natural varieties of coffee beans, the taste and aroma of the drink is directly dependent on the method of roasting and cooking technology. Many who mistakenly believed that the bitterness of coffee, it « strength » dependent on the presence of caffeine. However, it is not because of the taste and smell quite different answers alkaloid, which is placed in coffee beans. But the bitterness of coffee provide tannins.


Recipes with coffee

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