Armenian lavash – it is a very thin pancake oval. Its length is about 1 meter, the width of -40 cm. In order to prepare pita needed wheat flour, water and salt. You can sprinkle the dough before baking poppy seeds and sesame seeds. The dough is divided into pieces, and roll them out shortcakes, a thickness of about 1 mm, and then baked at their heated steel sheet. After baking, the pita hot folded and packaged. As a result, the moisture does not evaporate from the pita, and it remains soft for a long time. Pita bread can be stored for about six months. To soften the pita bread after a long storage, enough to moisten it with water. Lavash few days can be stored in the package, and it almost does not lose its beneficial properties. But the best and most delicious pita bread – fresh. Pita contains few calories, so it is suitable for the diet. Sometimes in a pita wrap various stuffing, and it turns out very tasty side dish. The filling may be, and sausage, and cereal, and salad, and other products. Pita bread stuffed soaked and slightly changes its taste. The classic recipe pita no yeast, but now the yeast in the manufacture of pita bread is sometimes used. As a result, pita quickly deteriorates after a few days it is covered with mold. The pita bread yeast quality is lost and all useful properties.


Recipes with pita

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