wheat flour

Wheat flour

The flour is produced from grains of different cultures, mostly wheat. There is also the whole wheat flour, oats, buckwheat, corn, peas, barley. The last species can be found less frequently. Wheat flour is perfect for a variety of dishes. The main purpose of it – dough, which, depending on the manufacturing process and adds the components goes to the preparation of various cakes, dumplings, pancakes, pies. The flour is used as breading for meatballs. From it make sauces. In each house is present as a necessary product. In the manufacture of flour grain is first cleaned from the shell, and then milled. The central part of the grain contains carbohydrates. Gluten – protein component of flour. As a product derived from cereal plants, flour, a source of vitamins of group B (B1, B7, B2, B9), in appreciable quantities. This group determines the effect of flour on the state of the body, stimulates the formation of blood cells, regulates metabolism and reduction reactions in organisms. Vitamin PPobespechivaet healthy skin, absorption of nutrients. The list of micronutrients in flour is headed by potassium, followed by number are zinc, sodium, magnesium. Flour is a versatile product that allows to diversify the human diet, has excellent opportunities for making delicious food. & Nbsp;


Recipes with wheat flour

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