Milk — nutrient liquid produced by the mammary glands of female mammals. Natural destinations Milk — feeding cubs (including human), which are not yet able to digest other foods. At the moment the milk is found in many products used by humans, and its production has become a major industry. Milk — multicomponent polydisperse system in which all the component substances are in a finely divided state, which provides the milk liquid consistency. The Technical Regulations defines milk as a product of the normal physiological secretion of the mammary glands of livestock obtained from one or several animals during lactation at one or more milking, without any additions to this product. Used milk in the preparation of a variety of cereals (milk cooked porridge) and tea with milk, as well as added to the coffee. Milk is the basis for the preparation of fermented milk products, cheese, and is part of the recipes of many dishes.


Recipes with milk

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