Garlic - name of a plant from the family of onion. Homeland garlic is South-East Asia, while in the wild garlic is found almost everywhere. Its cultivation began more than 3 thousand years BC. e. Already in ancient times, garlic was very popular: he cultivated the Egyptians, Assyrians, Indians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs. To this day preserved the records of Pythagoras, where he called the garlic « the king of condiments ». Due to its specific sharp taste and aroma of the garlic is widely distributed throughout the world. It plays an important role in the kitchens of the Mediterranean countries, most of Asia and North Africa. In the food consumed the flesh and less garlic arrows. Bulb white, yellow, pink, purple or dark purple color consists of 3-20 cloves. In the food are garlic cloves, previously cleared of tough skin. They are used both fresh and dried and canned form, as garlic is used as a spice used for cooking various dishes.


Recipes with garlic

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