mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella Cheese — a typical and integral product which is part of many Italian dishes. He is so discreet and at the same time refined taste that has become a favorite on the table, not only Italians, but also around the world. A gentle milky-white, almost snowy mozzarella owes its delicate texture special ancient recipe and cooking techniques. Milk skvashivaetsya, then it is removed from whey. The resulting mass is immersed in warm water, it becomes elastic and it eventually breaks down into fibers. Those, then getting into hot water, fold into balls — so the light appears around the princess-mozzarella. This fresh cheese sold in serum or brine for a long time is not stored. He is one of the most welcome guests in a plate with a salad of fresh greens juicy, meaty tomatoes and herbs. But other than that will Mozzarella unique notes and other dishes: pizza, pasta, lasagna. These are good « snowy lumps » and pan — they do not melt, do not worry!


Recipes with mozzarella cheese

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