This cooked food like beef has a special place in the modern world of culinary traditions. Thanks to its distinctive taste, but also the consumer properties of beef rather quickly able to earn honor and respect, with which the product is up to the present moment. In accordance with the definition used by the food industry specialists understand minced meat as well as fish or vegetable pulp obtained by grinding using a grinder or other devices starting ingredients of culinary products. As a rule, the minced part of the fish or meat component, and additional or adjunct ingredients. Often composed of minced meat can be found onions or garlic, and mushrooms. Properties minced allow us to find the product sufficiently broad culinary use. Currently, there are just countless recipes for food products with different kinds of meat. It should be noted that the calorie forcemeat composition depends on the raw ingredients used in the preparation of the semifinished product and moreover the product species. Among the most sought after and popular types of minced meat are the following: minced meat (pork, beef, mutton, etc.); minced meat of poultry (chicken, turkey, etc.); minced fish; sausage, sausage or beef cutlet; vegetable beef.


Recipes with forcemeat

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