Asparagus — a genus of plants from the family of asparagus; known 100 species, scattered around the world, especially in dry climates. The most common type of asparagus ordinary. Some types of asparagus — grass, others — shrubs, developing underground rhizome and elevated more or less branching stems, in many species of creeping. The upper part of shoots of asparagus (about 20 cm) are used in cooking as a delicacy. Asparagus comes from the Mediterranean region and is known to people since ancient times. Previously, it was cultivated for medicinal purposes, as a diuretic and blood-purifying agent. In the Renaissance, asparagus announced an aphrodisiac and therefore forbidden to eat the monks (a fact that causes a smile from modern man). In addition to the outstanding nutritional qualities, asparagus is a decorative culture, which is used in floral arrangements (many familiar gentle « herringbone » with orange berries).


Recipes with asparagus

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