pasta farfalle (bows)

Pasta farfalle (bows)

Farfalle taken root under the name « bows ». Indeed, farfalle like bows, even in their homeland called butterflies. For the original form in which they are particularly fond of children. Standard farfalle have a length of about 4 cm. However, there are several other species. Thanks to the smooth texture Farfalle are perfectly combined with light sauces based on vegetables, seafood, mushrooms, cape, fish, cheese and virtually any product at all. To make the spicy flavor cooks are advised to add them to the sauce a little nuts, which emphasize the taste of this type of paste. Farfalle used in the preparation of various salads of pasta, as well as combine perfectly with both traditional (tomato, cheese, butter), and non-standard sauces. They are often sold in a mixture of the flag colors of Italy. This paste is often cooked with chicken.


Recipes with pasta farfalle (bows)

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