Pineapple ravioli

Pineapple ravioli

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Cook time 60 min
Number of servings 6
Difficulty level medium

How to prepare pineapple ravioli:

1 Cut off the top and bottom with pineapple, put it vertically, and then cut the peel from top to bottom as you would normally cut up orange. Turn the fruit little by little, until you get rid of the entire crust and remain eyes. It is necessary that the pineapple was rounded so that when you cut it in half, thin slices were crescents and not pentagons. Relieve at this stage due to the fact that the left eyes pineapple. Most will come down, and the remaining solution, when they will fill with fluid. If they are cut at this stage, it will be more difficult to cut a pineapple. You will also need to leave the "stalk" for the same reason, but again, the liquid will make it soft.
2 Cut the pineapple as thin as possible, for this you need a long knife. Do not worry because of the rough edges in the final dish, you will not see them. Place the pieces in a deep pan, slightly applying at each other.
3 We need to get the ratio of 1/3 sugar 2/3 water, not too strong syrup. Put sugar and 200 ml of water in a pan. Open the vanilla pods, get seeds (see below) and add them together with the pod in a saucepan. Bring to a boil slowly. Remove the pan from the heat and add most of the mint together with twigs. Pour pineapple syrup and leave to marinate for up to 3 days, the longer the more fragrant dish will turn out.
4 To make the stuffing, put in a bowl of fresh cream or sour cream and mascarpone and add the vanilla pod seeds of the second. Mix all. This cream will stick together the pieces of fruits and berries. You do not need sugar, and sour cream goes well with fruit and sugar syrup. Add berries and passion fruit pulp (see below), but aside 6 pieces raspberries for decoration of dishes. Finely chop some mint leaves and add them. Fruit juice will give color and stuffing.
5 To make the ravioli themselves, very carefully put on 2 slices of pineapple (you do not need them well obsushivayut, just gently lift them from the liquid) on each plate, put it on each other. Add toppings for dessert spoon with a slide and put in the middle. Then put on top of another 3 pieces of pineapple, superimposing them on each other, so that they covered the stuffing. Use your fingers to gently squeeze the pieces that they have taken the form. Put on each plate raspberries and garnish with mint. Before you serve, pour the syrup.

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