Turkish delight

Turkish delight

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Difficulty level medium


sugar 600 g
powdered sugar 100 g
walnut 200 g
water 1200 ml
potato starch 600 g

How to prepare turkish delight:

Peeled nuts are divided into halves. Starch breed cold water (3 cups), stir to avoid lumps and leave for a while. In a saucepan poured sugar, fill it with the remaining water and, stirring occasionally, bring to a boil, removing the foam. After that, we pour, stirring quickly, starch solution, add the nuts and, stirring constantly, boil until then, until the mixture thickens. Then spread Turkish delight on a tray with high sides or on a baking sheet, forming soaked in cold water with your hands or a spoon rectangular layer 2-2.5 cm in thickness and give it to congeal. After that Turkish Delight cut into small pieces, rolled in powdered sugar, lay out a beautiful bowl. That's all! Bon Appetit!

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