Oat cookies

Oat cookies

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Cook time 45 min
Difficulty level simple


honey 20 g
walnut 20 g
raisins 40 g
banana 1 pc.
soybean milk 70 ml
oat flakes 100 g

How to prepare oat cookies:

For cookies need regular oatmeal. They must be divided into two parts. One - to crush in a blender to get the most pieces. The second part remain unchanged. Soy milk mixed with banana. Whisk or in a blender until smooth. Add to all of the ingredients. Nuts, raisins, you can borrow more. Soy milk can be taken dry and dissolve. Nuts cookies can be replaced by coconut, you get interesting. On a baking sheet to put baking paper (for baking). From the resulting mass to form pellets. It is better to do it with wet hands to avoid sticking. You can put them on paper and gently press down. Between cookies leave a small space. Bake oatmeal cookies should be in a hot oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.

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