Poppy-vegan apple cake

Poppy-vegan apple cake

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Cook time 60 min
Number of servings 1
Difficulty level simple


apple 6 pc.
sugar 200 g
hazelnut 50 g
semolina 60 g
poppy 300 g
sunflower oil 20 ml

How to prepare poppy-vegan apple cake:

1 Mack washed, add water, cook about half an hour. It is advisable to grind it all in a blender or a meat grinder, but I just put down the spoon.
2 Apple peel and grate.
3 Mix all ingredients, put in a form of the laid baking paper and bake at 180 ° C 25-35 minutes.
4 For top-topping, jam, marmalade, or, as in my case-strawberry sauce 200 g strawberries + 50g sugar + 50 g of water bring to a boil, boiling mass in a thin stream to enter the 10 grams of starch + 50 g of water.

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