Juicy burgers

Juicy burgers

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Cook time 70 min
Number of servings 5
Difficulty level medium


salt taste
bulb onions 3 pc.
chicken egg 3 pc.
garlic taste
allspice taste
white cabbage 500 g
beef 500 g

How to prepare juicy burgers:

1 Cabbage grind in a blender (or mince). It should get both a fine grater.
2 Mince meat. You can take beef or pork. And you can mix and make cuts. But in any case, the stuffing should not be too bold.
3 Grinds as onions and garlic.
4 All the ingredients mix and add to your own taste: salt, black pepper and allspice.
5 Trying to drive the eggs 3 and again well interfere beef.
6 Form the patties of minced meat and crumble them in breadcrumbs.
7 Fry on hot, heavily greased with vegetable oil, a frying pan.

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