Fish in the sea of ​​okhotsk!

Fish in the sea of ​​okhotsk!

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Cook time 60 min
Difficulty level simple


tomato 2 pc.
milk 150 ml
cream 75 ml
bulb onions 3 pc.
chicken egg 2 pc.
garlic 2 clove
cheese 100 g
salmon fillets 400 g

How to prepare fish in the sea of ​​okhotsk!:

1 Cut the fish into small pieces.
2 Add spices (salt, pepper), put in a greased form.
3 Top with rings of onions, then tomatoes, cut into slices.
4 For the sauce, mix the cream with the milk, add spices, chopped garlic and herbs.
5 Pour the fish sauce, grate the cheese on top and place in oven for 40 minutes at 220 *.

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