Chicken hearts in soy tomato sauce

Chicken hearts in soy tomato sauce

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Cook time 30 min
Number of servings 3
Difficulty level medium

How to prepare chicken hearts in soy tomato sauce:

1 Hearts iterate chicken, remove the film, lay in a colander, wash well and leave in a colander for 2 minutes so that the water glass is good.
2 Heat the pan well, pour the oil and lay the chicken hearts. Within minutes 5-fry with constant stirring, and then diminish heat to low, cover the pan with a lid and leave to stew for 10 minutes.
3 While the sauce stewed hearts do. In a separate bowl, pour the soy sauce, add ketchup, black freshly ground pepper, ground coriander, and with the help of the corolla whisk, until smooth.
4 The greens are well washed, were dried and finely chop.
5 After a ten-extinguishing hearts cooked add the sauce, stir well, again, cover with a lid and simmer for another 3 minutes (do not add salt because the soy sauce so salty).
6 Remove the pan from the heat (do not remove the lid) and leave the finished dish to infuse and saturate sauce for 10 more minutes, but in the meantime our dish "comes" - cook your favorite side dish (I like rice).
7 Serve the finished chicken hearts with herbs sprinkled on top.

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