Peppers stuffed with beef, rice and zucchini

Peppers stuffed with beef, rice and zucchini

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Cook time 120 min
Number of servings 10
Difficulty level medium

How to prepare peppers stuffed with beef, rice and zucchini:

1 Onions and garlic, clean, wash and cut into small cubes.
2 Beef clean, dry paper towel, cut into pieces and mince. Add the minced meat cooked rice, onions and garlic.
3 Wash zucchini, peel and grate. Leave for 10 minutes, then squeeze the juice from the zucchini. Add the minced zucchini. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Mix well.
4 Wash peppers, cut the stalk, gently remove the seeds and white walls. Stuff peppers with minced meat. Put the peppers in a pan filled up.
5 Fill with cold water, add salt to taste water and cook the peppers over medium heat for about 20 minutes. Do not forget to remove the foam.
6 Warm flour on a dry frying pan until a light cream color. Add the sour cream and flour, 0.5 cups of broth in which the cooked peppers. Stir until smooth. Pour the mixture into the pan with the peppers and cook for about 15 minutes.
7 Cover the pan with a lid and let the peppers stand for a while.

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