Sandwiches "svetoforchiki"

Sandwiches "svetoforchiki"

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Cook time 60 min
Number of servings 8
Difficulty level medium


sour cream 100 g
greenery taste
chicken egg 3 pc.
garlic 1 clove
loaf 400 g
crab sticks 50 g
cheese 50 g

How to prepare sandwiches "svetoforchiki":

1 We boiled eggs to separate proteins and proteins from zheltkov.Syr grate on a medium grater, mix with sour cream or mayonezom.Pri desired, you can add a lot of sagging through the press a little clove chesnoka.Razdelit resulting mass into 3 parts.
2 Crab sticks grate, mash with a fork egg yolks, parsley cut as possible melche.V first part of the cheese and protein mass put grated crab sticks, the second - the yolk, and the third - finely chopped greens.
3 To colors are brighter in the red layer, you can add a little tomato puree or grated pepper red or yellow layer milled papriku.V - carrot juice or a little turmeric.
4 The green layer is better not to cut the greens, and scroll with sour cream / mayonnaise in a blender or, if done a large number of spreads, herbs can be passed through a meat grinder.
5 Sliced ​​loaf lightly fry in a dry frying pan or in a toaster.
6 When frying in a pan loaf slices need to push the top flat lid from the pan. From slices of toasted more evenly.
7 On each slice spread with all three color masses so as to obtain strips - red, yellow and green.

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