Check for yourself, the children really like.
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Cook time 40 min
Number of servings 5
Difficulty level medium

How to prepare khachapuri:

1 Mix together milk, salt, sugar, vegetable oil, 1 egg and soda. Add 2 cups of flour, one cup left on podsypku. To stir thoroughly.
2 Sticky dough leave for 30 minutes under a towel.
3 Prepare the cheese. Cheese grate and mix with 1 egg.
4 Pour flour table, spread the dough, collect it. Form a sausage. Cut approximately 10 pieces. Every part of the roll out, spread 1 tablespoon of filling (cheese), zaschipyvaem edge presses and bake on a dry frying pan on both sides under the lid for 3 minutes.
5 Ready khachapuri grease with butter. Bon Appetit!

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