Brownie cupcakes

Brownie cupcakes

2.7 (votes: 3)
Number of servings 10
Difficulty level medium

How to prepare brownie cupcakes:

1 We melt the chocolate and grind it with 120 g of butter in a water bath. Add the sugar and salt, giving to cool for 10 minutes. Trying to drive the eggs and add flour.
2 Pour batter into muffin tins and bake in the oven for 20 minutes. at 175 ° C.
3 In a saucepan karamelizuem 50g sugar, add cream and cook until the sugar dissolves. Mix with 10g butter, give cool.
4 In the center of each muffin makes a hole, fill it with caramel sauce.
5 Mix 60g of butter, cheese and powdered sugar. The resulting mixture is placed in a pastry syringe and decorate cupcakes.

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