Chocolate fondue for valentines day

Chocolate fondue for valentines day

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Difficulty level simple


cream 100 ml
chocolate milk 300 g
cognac 20 ml

How to prepare chocolate fondue for valentines day:

1 To make this dessert, there is a special utensils - fondyushnitsa, but you can take and ordinary pot with thick walls. Heat the cream in a saucepan, then lower them broken into small pieces of chocolate.
2 Once the chocolate has melted, you must carefully Stir the mixture to form a viscous mass.
3 After the fondue has cooled slightly, it is possible to add the brandy.
4 Stir dessert and serve with fruit and berries.
5 To stay warm fondue, it is served in a special container, which is put on a stand with a candle.

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