Homemade candied roasted nuts

Homemade candied roasted nuts

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Cook time 60 min
Difficulty level simple


sugar 150 g
lemon juice 20 ml
walnut 250 g
chocolate milk 200 g

How to prepare homemade candied roasted nuts:

1 Nuts are cut into small pieces with a knife.
2 In a saucepan put the sugar and pour 50 ml of water. Cook over low heat until the syrup thickens slightly and acquires a golden color. Add lemon juice (it is roasted nuts to not become vitreous) and mix.
3 Pour the nuts and mix with a spoon so syrup nuts enveloped on all sides.
4 Then, using a spoon to form a small balls and arrange on a plate, greased with butter. To warm roasted nuts are not stuck from time to time to dip a spoon into a bowl of cold water. Give 20-30 minutes to solidify.
5 In a water bath to dissolve the chocolate. Take balls roasting, lowered into the chocolate and spread on the surface greased with butter. Leave in a cool place until complete solidification. So, home roasted nuts ready. Simply and easily.

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