Chicken rolls with cheese.

Chicken rolls with cheese.

On weekdays and holidays.
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Cook time 45 min
Number of servings 4
Difficulty level medium

How to prepare chicken rolls with cheese:

1 Delicate rolls of chicken stuffed with flavored cheese can decorate your desk, not only on weekdays but also on the occasion of a celebration. To prepare this dish, first of all, we need two chicken breasts that we accurately divide into 4 parts.
2 Cut the fillet in half lengthwise, but do not overdo it, otherwise the whole piece will not work. Otobaya little meat side of his hand.
3 In a large deep bowl, mix the mayonnaise, a little salt and black pepper. You can also add any seasonings to your taste, which are combined with chicken.
4 Fillet carefully daubed receive the marinade and leave to soak for 25 minutes.
5 Slice cheese rub quite large.
6 We add to it the chicken egg yolk, a little salt and pepper. Garlic is also not hurt - one crushed clove will be just right.
7 All good stir and return to the chicken, which has already managed marinated.
8 Expand meat pocket and impose it in the egg-cheese stuffing.
9 Wrap the breast, pressing it from all sides.
10 Using toothpicks, and even better anchoring the resulting thread rolls.
11 We spread them on a frying pan with vegetable maslom.Obzharivat fillets should be on all sides over medium heat, until then, until the rolls surface acquires a characteristic golden-brown color. 15 minutes is enough, otherwise the breast is dry and not tasty.
12 When ready release the fillets from the thread (or toothpicks) and shift the chicken rolls with cheese stuffing on a platter, sprinkle with finely chopped dill and chives.

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