Beshbarmak ukrainian.

Beshbarmak ukrainian.

Ukrainian version of the main national Kazakh cuisine.
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Cook time 180 min
Number of servings 12
Difficulty level hard


salt taste
bulb onions 3 pc.
chicken egg 3 pc.
wheat flour 600 g
green onions 1 sheaf
allspice 5 g
beef 2500 g
mutton 1200 g

How to prepare beshbarmak ukrainian:

1 It is important to choose the right meat. Beef choose rump, pelvic part where there is a thin flat bone. Usually it hangs in the 2.5-2.8 kg. Meat should be prepared the day before. For at least 12 hours prior to cooking. Better - per day. Incise the meat almost to the bone along the fibers in the form of books and rub a large salt (not sea). we put in a cup, tighten and remove the cling film in the fridge.
2 The next day, wash the meat, pour the cold water and put to boil. The pan should be large and spacious (I have 8 liters of almost 4 kg of meat). Once the meat starts to boil, you need to very carefully remove the foam and reduce the heat under the pan to a minimum. After 2 hours, add salt to taste. Meat, on average, cooks 2, 5-3 hours.
3 While the meat cooks kneading dough on beshbarmak. I do it only on eggs, as the noodles. It is made from 3 eggs, flour, and 0.5 hours. L. salt (or buy ready-made form of vermicelli products "squares").
4 The dough should have the consistency of rather steep. The finished dough to tighten the plastic wrap and leave to rest for 30-40 minutes.
5 The finished meat is removed from the broth, add up in a deep bowl and cover tightly. Broth drain thoroughly. He is supposed to be perfectly clear and very nourishing.
6 Our dough is rested.
7 Roll it very thinly. Fold the dough layers and cover with a towel, not letting it dry out.
8 The meat is cut into pieces.
9 Onions cut skibochkami.
10 With the finished soup ladle remove fat (fat).
11 Make a sauce (Brine). Prisalivaem onion, pepper and fill it with broth (see. Above). And cover with a lid.
12 Roll the tortillas cut into rectangles the size of a mustard plaster. Receive such juicy - squares.
13 Bouillon divide into two parts. One part of dilute boiling water, salt to taste. In it, we will boil the dough. Ready juicy boiled in two steps. Do not try to cook the dough all at once. Can stick together.
14 Prepare a large dish.
15 Juicy will boil after boiling for 3-4 minutes. We spread them on a platter with a slotted spoon.
16 After all the juicy ready, spread them on top of boiled meat.
17 Pour sauce on top (brine) and sprinkle with green onions for beauty.
18 Serve immediately. The broth is served to the end of the meal, poured into large bowls.

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