Gravy flour

Gravy flour

Gravy made from flour - the easiest and most common way to prepare the sauce to a variety of side dishes. For the preparation you will need milk, flour and butter.
2.7 (votes: 15)
Cook time 20 min
Number of servings 2
Difficulty level medium


milk 100 ml
salt taste
butter 45 g
wheat flour 10 g
water 35 ml

How to prepare gravy flour:

1 Pour into a small saucepan with milk and water, bring to a boil
2 Put the butter, season with salt and spices.
3 In a separate bowl mix the flour with hot water and dissolve thoroughly to dissolve lumps.
4 Pour the flour stream to milk and cook, stirring, until thick to simmer.
5 The proportions should be chosen on their own, since everyone likes different gravy - some thicker, some - more liquid.

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