Salad of beetroot, apple and basil

Salad of beetroot, apple and basil

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Difficulty level simple


apple 1 pc.
salt taste
olive oil 30 ml
garlic 2 clove
beet 500 g
fresh basil 10 g

How to prepare salad of beetroot, apple and basil:

1 Boil the beets until tender. Cook in the skin for about an hour, checking the readiness of a knife. Let cool.
2 Then, clean and cut into small cubes (you can grate on medium grater).
3 Apple wash and clean from the skin and core. Three on a medium grater and add to beets, stir.
4 Garlic and basil chop finely and add to the salad.
5 All mix well. Add salt to taste and dressed with butter.

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