Ah, would know who invented this wonderful soup! It's a miracle! Solyanka so different, tasty, with a slightly sour taste. Especially good after the holidays, for some reason.
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Cook time 180 min
Number of servings 10
Difficulty level hard

How to prepare saltwort:

1 Coarsely chopped carrot, and with half a large onion lightly fry in a pan grill. Put the vegetables in a pan, add the meat and the bone, pour 1.5 liters of boiling water and cook for an hour after one and a half, until the meat is ready. Five minutes until ready to throw a bay leaf and pepper.
2 Take the meat out and set aside to cool down. If it was on the bone, then, when cool, cut it. Broth strain. The remaining onions cut - the smaller, the better.
3 Canned tomatoes Pelata (ie without skin and in their own juice), put in a bowl and turn right by using the blender to puree. You can use tomato paste, but is not so good.
4 Butter cut into small pieces and melt in a saucepan over medium heat. Pour the onion and sauté until golden solid. From the bow depends on the taste of soups: If the bow is undercooked, and the soup will be noticeable taste underdone bow. The main task - to evaporate out of it moisture and caramelize the sugar contained therein.
5 Put in a saucepan the tomato puree, mix thoroughly. Cover with a lid and then twenty minutes. Finely diced gherkins (or pickles) and boil them in a small pan - within minutes of twenty after boiling, so they will not be too harsh.
6 Finely diced ham, sausages and cooked meat. In general, the course can be sent all that there is a sausage-meat in the refrigerator.
7 Broth bring to a boil, put the onion with tomato puree. When it all boils again, add the meat, sausages and ham and gherkins and capers. Hold the fire five minutes, bring to taste with salt and sugar. If tomatoes are very sweet, it is possible to do without sugar. And instead of salt - use the liquid from capers or olives.
8 The plates put stoned olives and lemon slices. Pour-bag, add a spoonful of sour cream and some chopped parsley.

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