Potato patties

Potato patties

Simple home cooking, but it is in this simplicity is its charm.
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Cook time 60 min
Number of servings 4
Difficulty level medium

How to prepare potato patties:

1 Potatoes Wash, peel and boil in salted water. Cool.
2 Onion wash, peel and cut into small cubes.
3 Grate the cheese on a medium grater.
4 Potatoes grate on a medium grater, add the onion, 2 eggs and grated cheese. All salt and pepper and mix well.
5 Sauté onions, peppers Add to potato mixture.
6 Beat 2 eggs. Then form patties and roll in flour. Meatballs dipped in egg, bread crumbs and fry in vegetable oil.
7 Ready-made meatballs serve hot with fresh vegetables. Bon Appetit!

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