Amazing herring

Amazing herring

Amazing herring in the bank. Cooking is easier ... Easy to store anywhere. I can not write - what a delicious herring out! In such a life I did not eat!
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Difficulty level simple


salt 100 g
water 1000 ml
herring 8 pc.

How to prepare amazing herring:

1 First you need to defrost the fish with cold water bay. Now our herring, herring finally ready for salting. Now scissors Cut off the fins and tails. So in a jar fits 8 rather large fish. Now our herring, herring finally ready for salting. Loading a fish bank, twisting it into a ring.
2 Now it's up brine. Preparing it is also very simple. Receive salt 10% by weight of water. To pickle herring 8 in 3-liter jar, you will need 1 liter of water and 100 grams of salt.
3 Pour the solution into the jar under the throat, so that the fish is completely covered with salt water.
4 Close can loose lid and put in the fridge. The whole point of salting herring to salty solution replaced the blood - a perishable protein, and fish became suitable for human consumption. Three days later we get salted or lightly salted herring, which is quite suitable for consumption. Well vysolennuyu fully mature herring we will get through 6-7 days.
5 That's basically it. If salted fish in such a way, that is, it can be without any fear for your health. Will only the right to cut it. If the court of the month of November, and then in front of many mistresses is a question salting herring (herring) at home. And where in November? But the fact that the months that have the letter "P" in Russia have always been fish, and from September to April every fish, and with it the herring and herring consumed by the people fairly.
6 The most popular dish of herring is probably the salted herring. Why? Firstly, it is the fastest and easiest way to cook this fish. Secondly, salted herring, if it is properly salted, in itself a great snack and is also the basis for the preparation of all sorts of salads, most popular of which is a herring "under a fur coat." But let's talk about it separately, as will now talk about the salted herring in the home.
7 Why do I need to learn how to pickle herring yourself? Yes, everything is very simple. Not everyone knows which way the fish went up to the counter in the store. And bring to your table herring, salt on the side, as for me, just not safe. I will not list the horror stories, just to show how I salt herring itself. My home is very like the result, so I propose his recipe.
8 For salting best suit freshly caught and quickly frozen herring. The harvest is in autumn and winter (remember the fish months), respectively, and this time the freshest herring. It is sold in frozen form. A characteristic feature fresh fish - it's red eyes. For salting suitable medium fish, 350-400 grams on. Salted herring is very convenient in a 3-liter glass jars, placed eight fish.

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