Burgers as my grandmother

Burgers as my grandmother

Homemade burgers - it is certainly a symbol of a happy family life. It would not be the wife fry patties in a house where there is discord and continual strife! This meat dish is prepared only for the loved ones. Today will be a good housewife and create home coziness, to cook the most delicious burgers at home, ie, grandmother!
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Cook time 60 min
Number of servings 10
Difficulty level medium

How to prepare burgers as my grandmother:

1 Potatoes and onions in a blender chop (you can skip through the meat grinder).
2 Buns (bread) to break into pieces and soak in the milk, so they were completely covered with them. Give bread to swell, absorb the liquid.
3 Do not add milk squeezing bread in the stuffing, I do all the milk with crumbs pour out here though. Add the egg, the contents of the blender, salt and pepper to taste ... but not overdone ...
4 I add 1 more tablespoon of mustard spoon. But do not overdo it too ... it depends on the amount of the fortress. I it is not spicy, medium spicy.
5 Well knead the stuffing, add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
6 And you can give him a little rest (and test). At least 10 minutes Preheat a small amount of vegetable oil. Wet hands form the patties, put them in a frying pan, then diminish the fire and roast our burgers.
7 When they are browned on one side, turn them around and cover pan with a lid. Now our burgers and fried (second party) and stew.
8 I fried them before, but then again extinguished in gravy. Now, this need has disappeared. Cutlets obtained myagonkie, juicy! Bon Appetit!

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