Hychiny classic recipe

Hychiny classic recipe

Hychiny - a very popular and very tasty dish Karachay and Balkar. These are thin cakes with fillings inside. It is important that the filling was the same as the test and not less. Toppings can several basic types: potato + cheese, meat and potatoes + greens. Meat hychiny - it is something similar to pasties and belyashi. Eat hychiny possible with ayran (yogurt with herbs prisolenny) or with soup, broth. Highly I recommend to try. It's so tasty, not pass! Fingers lick. With preparation, you will have absolutely no difficulties recipe - could not be easier! Cook and raduyte relatives.
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Difficulty level medium


salt taste
wheat flour 500 g
baking soda 5 g
cheese 600 g
kefir 400 ml

How to prepare hychiny classic recipe:

1 PREPARING toppings: cheese type brynzyStolko the boiled potatoes + greens - all through a meat grinder to grind, smeshat.Ili meat with onions + greens
2 For the dough - mix the yogurt, salt and baking soda (do not put out!).
3 Gradually add the flour. The dough should be as dumplings, but myagche.Vazhny advice after kneading dough, it is desirable to "knock" on the table or rolling pin for 5 minutes. From this dough becomes elastic, obedient and not torn. Leave the dough "rest" for half an hour.
4 Make a dough sausage, cut into pieces the size of a medium apple. Form cakes with your hands or shake no more than 5 mm thick. Put the stuffing in the middle, zaschipnut edge, without forgetting that the filling is not less than the test.
5 And now the most interesting moment, his hands flattened cake, and then gently, slowly roll out with a rolling pin into a thin hychiny size no longer skorodki.Hychiny stuffed with meat obtained is always thicker, it's okay.
6 Bake hychiny to completely dry frying pan on the fire, "less than average" until golden brown on both sides. Sometimes they swell just nozhechkom puncture. It was the air when pinching.
7 After baking grease hychiny on both sides with butter and put in a pile like pancakes. Can be folded hychiny in a bowl, cover, will become even softer.
8 Hychiny classic delicious and tender ready! Bon appetit!

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