Lazy pasties

Lazy pasties

It turns out so delicious! And most importantly - fast!
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Difficulty level medium

How to prepare lazy pasties:

1 Need thin pitas. They may be smaller or larger diameter - unimportant. You can trim a required size. The main thing is that they are thin! I cut them in half
2 Mince the usual meat, onion twist, add salt and pepper. If dry - add water
3 On one half of smear finely minced (about 1 tablespoon), second half a little camouflage and hand presses.
4 Fry on the stretch. oil over medium heat on both sides until golden brown. Oils do not pour a lot, and it will be too fatty. If there is no time for something serious, I advise you to cook the lazy pasties! Bon Appetit!

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