"cake" anthill "cookies"

"cake" anthill "cookies"

This delicacy can be cooked in different ways - from the finished cookies and pastries own prigotovleniya.Osobenno desserts liking children. Often, even the kids can not wait for impregnating the cake in the refrigerator and eat the meal right after "assembly" spoons.
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Cook time 40 min
Number of servings 6
Difficulty level simple

How to prepare "cake" anthill "cookies":

1 Prepare biscuits ( "coffee", "slastёna" or any similar, such as in packs "for tea"). Walnuts are carefully sorted out, throwing the remains of the peel, grind (but not in the trash, not to powder!).
2 Cookies grind.
3 Oil Gray - that is, bring to a soft state. Trite remove it from the refrigerator in advance) or you can put on a time close to the battery or a stove.
4 Add the condensed milk to the butter and mix thoroughly.
5 Add the nuts, cookies, stir and spread mound (pyramid, anthill) on the plate (board).
6 Sprinkle with poppy seeds.
7 Harvesting in the refrigerator to absorb condensed milk and pour into the cookies. 10-12 hours is usually sufficient.
8 Incidentally, this cake in a refrigerator can be kept long enough for several days, without any loss of flavor.
9 We reach the cake from the refrigerator, and you can eat at once, but you can still come up with how to decorate (eg, pour chocolate icing, etc.).

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