Cheese cake in 15 minutes

Cheese cake in 15 minutes

It turns out very juicy and crunchy!
3.2 (votes: 6)
Cook time 40 min
Number of servings 4
Difficulty level medium


salt 3 g
sugar 3 g
cream cheese 200 g
frankfurters 300 g
flour 400 g
kefir 250 ml

How to prepare cheese cake in 15 minutes:

1 Prepare Ham (or sausage, or sausage, grated on a grater) - 1 stack. In yogurt, add salt, sugar, baking soda and mix well.
2 Add cheese varieties and muku.Horosho mix.
3 The resulting dough into balls, roll out a small cake (so you can fry), put the filling (I - ham). You can put other kind of cheese, also very tasty. Here your imagination! Connect the edges and a little roll.
4 Broil in a preheated skillet over refined oil with 2 sides over medium heat, covered lid. Bon Appetit!

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