Dessert curd cheese

Dessert curd cheese

Cottage cheese jelly: a treat for gourmets
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Cook time 60 min
Number of servings 6
Difficulty level medium


milk 40 ml
cottage cheese 500 g
gelatin 20 g
jelly 3 pkg.

How to prepare dessert curd cheese:

1 Soak gelatin in a little water for 10 minutes.
2 Add the milk and dissolve it (I heat in the micro, the main thing that is not boiled).
3 Stir the dissolved gelatin with syrkovoy weight.
4 Mix the cubes of colored jelly (quantity and quality: the purchase or home to your taste and preference).
5 Wrap sausage in plastic wrap and put in the cold to complete solidification, 2 hours.
6 It can be done with the cheese, but it is necessary to grind and add sugar to taste with vanilla

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