Strawberry jelly with vanilla cream

Strawberry jelly with vanilla cream

Simple, fast and delicious berry dessert. Refrigerated, very similar to ice cream.
3.7 (votes: 3)
Cook time 60 min
Number of servings 6
Difficulty level medium

How to prepare strawberry jelly with vanilla cream:

1 15 g of gelatin soaked in 50 ml of cold water. That is, preparing berry jelly.
2 Take a silicone mold, spread it our berries. Fill the prepared fruit in the first paragraph of jelly, and put the silicone mold in the fridge - let thicken.
3 While the jelly hardens, using a blender, beat cheese, sugar, milk and vanilla. We obtained curd cream.
4 When the jelly in the refrigerator freezes from the top into a silicone mold spread our cream cheese, and again put in the refrigerator for final hardening. When it hardens completely - put on the table.

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