Pigodi.ochen delicious

Pigodi.ochen delicious

Pigodi Korean - dish for lovers of unusual and interesting dishes. Pigodi - a pastry stuffed with meat, which are steamed and served with a spicy sauce and Korean carrots. Delicious!
3.2 (votes: 12)
Cook time 60 min
Number of servings 6
Difficulty level medium

How to prepare pigodi.ochen delicious:

1 Prepare the dough: 2 cups milk, 1 tablespoon of boxes of sugar, 1 tsp salt l, 20 g yeast, 1 kg of flour. Knead the dough and put podnimatsya.V this time Let us stuffing. Take 500g of chicken cut into pieces. 3-4 finely chopped onion, 500g of cabbage chop and mash lightly with salt and add to the meat .Nachinku salt and pepper and add the coriander 2 tsp., To mix things up.
2 From tear the dough balls and cook patties are stacked in mantyshnitsu at a distance from each other, since the dough will rise. Pigodi preparing 40minut after boiling water mantyshnitse.Gotovye pigodi disclose seam sleplivaniya and lay the salad of carrots and pour ketchup. It turns out very tasty.

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