Almost «bounty»

Almost «bounty»

Home sweet with coconut pulp, coated with milk chocolate.
2.8 (votes: 5)
Cook time 80 min
Number of servings 8
Difficulty level medium


cream 200 ml
butter 50 g
sugar 80 g
chocolate milk 300 g

How to prepare almost «bounty»:

1 Prepared Cream (20% fat) - 200 ml Coconut - 200 g milk chocolate - 300 g sugar - 80 g butter - 50 g on low heat melt the butter, sugar and cream and remove from ognya.Dobavlyaem coconut and mix thoroughly interfere. Attach and remove form filling in the freezer for 1 hour
2 Next, attach the form of bounty, cutting to the necessary pieces.
3 Now for the icing. For this purpose, the water bath melt the chocolate. In order for it to be not very thick - add a little vegetable oil
4 Next, pull out of the freezer a bar, prick with a toothpick and dip in chocolate. Spread on a plate and wait until freezes. The same repeat with the other bars bounty.
5 For decoration, you can also melt the white chocolate and make a pattern. Harvesting in a cool place.

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