Very tasty sochniki

Very tasty sochniki

Sochniki with curd - Favorite dessert for tea, as a child and adult. Juicy or sochniki - is folded in half sweet cake with curd peeping.
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Cook time 90 min
Number of servings 10
Difficulty level medium

How to prepare very tasty sochniki:

1 For the dough: Margarine-250g Egg 3 pc Sugar 100-150 g sour cream, 400 g flour, 4 tablespoons (glass, 200 ml) Razryhlitel- 1 tbsp Toppings: Cheese-● 500g ● Egg 2 pieces ● sugar 100-150 gr vanilla pudding ● 1 ● Patsch vanilla sugar, 1 piece
2 Sugar Beat eggs in lush massu.Rastopit margarine and add it to the egg mass (margarine must be at room temperature) .Esche just whip mikserom.Dobavit flour with baking powder. Mix.
3 Then add smetanu.Smetanu portions that would batter was not tight and not stuck to rukam.Poka dough is resting, prepare the filling.
4 All products are well peremeshat.Testo roll out, cut out circles (granddaughter liked to do it). Put to one side of the stuffing, cover the other side of the dough. Top lubricate with egg and bake at 180 * 17-20 minutes.

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