Cleansing jelly for a flat tummy

Cleansing jelly for a flat tummy

This jelly will allow you to not only lose weight, but also to remove the excess from the gut, will greatly facilitate the work of the digestive tract.
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Difficulty level simple


beet 50 g
prunes 50 g
oat flakes 50 g

How to prepare cleansing jelly for a flat tummy:

1 To make this drink the cleaning must take on a handful of oatmeal, "Hercules", prunes and coarsely grated raw beets.
2 All of this pour 2 liters of boiling water and cook for 15 minutes over low heat. Broth, like jelly, strain and drink as you can, up to 2 hours before bedtime
3 Thick jelly from the morning to eat breakfast instead. Very useful 1 once a week to arrange a fasting day, which have to eat only such kiselёm.
4 All health!

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