Cake for lazy without kneading

Cake for lazy without kneading

The entire batch from start to finish held a tablespoon. Ie test can not even touch!
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Cook time 180 min
Number of servings 10
Difficulty level medium


milk 500 ml
butter 300 g
sugar 350 g
chicken egg 10 pc.
wheat flour 1000 g
vanilla sugar 21 g
raisins 500 g
yeast 40 g

How to prepare cake for lazy without kneading:

1 Ingredients for 7-8 kulichiki: - 1 kg of flour - 40 g of fresh yeast (or 1.5 sachets dried) - 500 ml milk - 350 g sugar - 300 g butter + (optional 30 g pork lard) - 500 g raisins - 10 yolks vanilla
2 Yeast dissolve in 350 g of warm milk and mixed with 150 g of flour. Leave in a warm place. Opara's okay to get up and start to fall (about 30-40 minutes).
3 Rub the yolks, sugar and butter (of course it should be at room temperature) or beat with a mixer to froth.
4 Add yolk mixture to ferment the brew. Leave to increase in half - two times (about 1-1.5 hours).
5 Add the remaining flour and milk. Stir very soft dough. Leave suited for 1 hour in a warm place.
6 Vmese raisins and let go again. Dough behind the walls of the bowl, in spite of the almost liquid consistency.
7 In prepared form (or greased and sprinkled with semolina or lined with baking paper) Spoon the batter is not more than 1/3. Smooth wet spoon. Give approach almost to the edges of the form.
8 Bake 35-40 minutes in the lower level of the oven at a temperature of 190-200 C. Checking the willingness - dry stick.
9 Cool in molds. Cover with glaze - on request.

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