Fish with a surprise

Fish with a surprise

If you want to fish turned out tender, juicy and flavorful - bake it in foil with your favorite spices, vegetables and herbs. With this method of cooking fish is almost impossible to spoil as dry up.
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Cook time 40 min
Number of servings 3
Difficulty level medium


hake fillets 800 g

How to prepare fish with a surprise:

1 Make the marinade: 250 ml of water, 2 tbsp. l.uksusa 100 ml of vegetable oil, salt, pepper pickling our fish 20-30 minutes
2 While the fish is pickled prepare the filling: 150 gr. hard cheese 2 eggs 2 onions 1 bunch of parsley
3 Mince the onion, chop, fry, chop parsley, finely chopped eggs.
4 Mix the eggs, onion, parsley.
5 In foil, greased, put one piece of fillet, sprinkle with grated cheese and then put a layer of minced meat, sprinkle again with cheese and cover with the second fillet. (I'm still on top of grease with mayonnaise, but not necessarily)
6 Close foil envelope, put on a baking sheet and bake in the oven at 250 degrees for 20 minutes (this fish can be eaten hot or cold, we prefer cold)

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