Lazy pizza

Lazy pizza

My lazy pizza (on baguettes)! The boys swept in five minutes! (In an oven kept for 15 minutes).
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Cook time 30 min
Number of servings 6
Difficulty level simple


loaf 600 g

How to prepare lazy pizza:

1 Baton lubricates tomato paste divorced with boiled water, w / smoked sausage, chicken (boiled), tomato, mayonnaise and cheese.
2 Ketchup, 2 hot dogs (I have cream), canned pineapple, mayonnaise, cheese.
3 Ketchup, w / sausage, bell pepper, olives, mayonnaise and cheese.
4 All the same tomato paste with boiled water, mayonnaise, garlic, 1/2 banks sprats, onions, pickled cucumber, mayonnaise and cheese.
5 In general, the filling can be any of your choice, I have from what was found in the refrigerator.

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