Kefir jelly

Kefir jelly

75 kcal per 100g
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Difficulty level simple

How to prepare kefir jelly:

1 Gelatin pour half a glass of cold boiled water, leave for 20 minutes. Kefir pour into a bowl, add yogurt, honey and whisk to whip the mixture.
2 Gelatin heat over low heat, stirring constantly, until it dissolves. Allow to cool and pour into a mixture of kefir. Put the vanilla and zest, mix well.
3 Pour the mixture into a third separate container, add it cherry syrup.
4 Thoroughly whisk until a uniform saturated color.
5 Pour into a rectangular shape with a thin layer of white kefir mixture, put on 15 minutes. Refrigerate.
6 Remove the form with frozen jelly, pour the mixture on top of the pink and return to the refrigerator. So fill out the form with white and pink layers, each time placing in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes. Writing completely freeze in the refrigerator for another 1 hour.
7 Before serving to turn jelly on a plate and cut into slices. You can decorate with fresh berries, nuts or candied fruit.

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